Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need X-Ray?

    Yes, we require you to get a standing full spine X-Ray prior to first treatment. This is so we can treat your problems precisely instead of guessing by feel.

  • Where to get X-Ray?

    We will provide you an X-Ray letter to present to the hospital. We only suggest getting the X-Ray from Sunway Medical Centre or Tong Shin Hospital as only their X-Rays fulfil our requirements while other hospital doesn't.

  • Must I make an appointment? Can I walk in?

    Yes you can walk in and hope for a slot. However, we strongly suggest you make an appointment before coming in to avoid disappointments. Our doctor's schedule can be pretty full at times and we could not guarantee a slot for walk ins. Contact us to book an appointment. 

  • Can you treat my condition?

    Our receptionist could not tell if you should come in for your condition because they are not chiropractors. Also, chiropractors will never know the exact problem without physical assessments. We have many cases where patients experience shoulder pain, where as the pain is actually caused by pelvic misalignment after diagnosis. Contact us to book an appointment.

  • Does Gonstead chiropractic hurts?

    Yes and no. Most adjustment are painless, our chiropractors will tell you if you are about to feel some discomfort. However, it is better to get your problem fixed instead of letting it linger around until it gets serious. Don't let fear control you when we have proven positive results!

  • How long does it take to heal?

    it varies. as our body work and respond differently. Just like some people will lose weight after they skipped one meal but some cannot lose the same amount of weight even after they follow exact recipe or method. 

  • What makes Bewell different from other chiropractic centres?

    Our chiropractors practice a very different method called the Gonstead method. We do not use machines to make an adjustments, but we use our very own hands every single step. We truly believe that our feel through the touch is much more accurate as machines only fits a particular size when everyone comes in different sizes. Also the Gonstead method focuses on finding the root cause of the problem, and treating the problem with precision. We believe the Gonstead method is the most effective method proven by our patients we have treated so far.

  • Chiropractic vs. Tit-Tar vs. Bone setting

    What sets chiropractic different from tit-tar and bone setting is that chiropractic have a very different origin, education, clinical training, and diagnostic methodologies. Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that focuses primarily on the brain-body connection, especially the relationship between the spine and nervous system. Chiropractic also stands as a distinct healthcare profession and is well-regulated internationally.