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Awarded "Best Chiropractic Rehabilitation Centre" & "Rising Chiropractor Advocate" by SEBA.

Bewell Chiropractic formed by a team of experienced Gonstead chiropractors. We are the only few Chiropractic clinics that practices the Gonstead technique honed from Australia. Our chiropractors are also part of the Gonstead Chiropractic Society of Australia and the Association of Chiropractic Malaysia (ACM). We stay true to our beliefs with the Gonstead technique being the most efficient way of fixing an injury with proven results over the years of experience with our patients. Bewell Chiropractic strive to serve the best we can in assisting your journey to recovery of a healthy lifestyle.

Why choose our chiropractors & physiotherapists?


We successfully treated over 10,000 patients over the span of just 5 years! It has proven one thing so far.

The GONSTEAD Method works!

We gave our patients hope that they thought they'd lost. They came into our clinic being pushed on a wheelchair, they WALK out of our clinic leaving their wheelchair behind.

Our methodology can help all sorts of problems including slipped disc, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, joint pain without the help of medication and surgery.

People have been choosing us because of our experience and honesty. Coupled with the Gonstead method, it's hard to go wrong with us. 

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