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Lower Back Pain


The lower section of the spine called the lumbar spine, it is made up of five vertebrae (a series of small bones which form the backbone). When they misaligned, it is referred to as lumbar misalignment or a pinched nerve.

Pain varies in intensity from local pain to very sharp pain which causes inflammation and pressure in the disc and on the neighbouring spinal nerve which can result in – sciatica.


  • Caused by sitting or standing with bad postures and repeatedly lifting heavy objects with incorrect posture 

  • Injured disc that leads to lower back pain 

  • Sciatica can cause lower back pain too

When to see a chiropractor

  • When the pain stays for a long time 

  • When it is getting severe and resting doesn't help 

  • When the pain extends down to the legs, especially when it extends below the knee

  • When it causes weakness, numbness or tingling in one or both legs

  • When unexplained weight loss occurred 

In this video, DC Audrey Lee explains how to lift heavy objects without hurting yourself. 

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