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Cold/Hot Pack

bewell ice pack.png

Bewell Chiropractic Cold/Hot Pack

Cold/Hot packs with straps are designed for convenient application to specific areas of the body. The strap provides hands-free usage, allowing users to secure the ice pack in place while they go about their activities. These packs often feature a durable, adjustable strap that can be comfortably wrapped around the affected area, such as the knee, shoulder, or back. This design ensures targeted relief for pain, inflammation, or swelling, making it an ideal solution for sports injuries, strains, sprains, or post-operative recovery. The strap enhances mobility and usability, enabling users to continue with daily tasks or physical therapy while benefiting from the therapeutic cooling effects of the ice pack.

What's included in the box

2x Cold/Hot Packs

1x Cold/Hot Pack holder with adjustable Velcro strap

RM 60

Elastic Bands


Ice Gel

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