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Tennis Elbow


Lateral epicondylitis also know as tennis elbow, occurs when tendons in elbow are overloaded. It is a painful condition by repetitive motions of the arm and wrist. Do not fooled by its name, athletes aren't the only one that can get this condition. People whose jobs or daily activities that feature the types of motions can lead to tennis elbow as well. 


  • Doing certain movements repeatedly for work such as using plumbing tools, painting, gardening and others

  • Sports that involve repetitive movements from hand and wrist such as playing tennis, badminton, swimming

Treatment & Prevention

  • Rest your arm as much as possible. It allows the tears in the tendon attachment to heal. Tennis players treat serious cases with ice, anti-inflammatory drugs, soft tissue massages, stretching exercises, and ultrasound therapy.

  • Apply ice pack to the inflammation area to release the pain

  • Do some simple stretching or exercises to reduce the stiffness 

  • Gonstead chiropractic treatment & deep tissue massage (physiotherapy) 

When to see a chiropractor

When the pain is affecting your daily activities such as having difficulty to carry something light.

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