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Headache & Migraine


Migraines are severe and intense throbbing pains usually on one side of the head. Headaches, or head pain, can be classified as one of three types. 1) Primary; 2) secondary; and 3) cranial neuralgias (for example, trigeminal neuralgia), facial pain, and other headaches. Examples of common primary headaches are migraine, tension, and cluster. Secondary headaches usually are a symptom from an injury or other medical problem. Types of secondary headaches include "rebound headaches" from overuse of medication, hangovers, meningitis, and post-concussion headaches.


  • Overstress from work, school

  • Unbalanced diet from daily life 

  • Excessive alcohol intake

  • Weather conditions changed drastically 

  • Hormones change

  • Caffeine overdose or withdrawal from caffeine  

  • Lack of sleep 

Prevention & Treatment

  • Minimize stress

  • Take breaks

  • Exercise & stretch 

  • Gonstead chiropractic treatment

When to see a chiropractor

​When the headache / migraine start to affecting your daily lifestyle. For example, it affects your working routine and your sleeping routine. ​Gonstead chiropractic treatment is a way to treat headache effectively without any use of medication. 

In this video, DC Joanne Choo explains how Gonstead chiropractic can help in headache & migraine. 

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