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Shoulder Pain


Your shoulder is made up of three bones: your upper arm bone (humerus), your shoulder blade (scapula), and your collarbone (clavicle).

The head of your upper arm bone fits into a rounded socket in your shoulder blade. This socket is called the glenoid. A combination of muscles and tendons keeps your arm bone centered in your shoulder socket. These tissues are called the rotator cuff. They cover the head of your upper arm bone and attach it to your shoulder blade.


  • Arthritis

  • Bone spurs

  • Broken shoulder or arm bone

  • Frozen shoulder 

  • Pinched nerve in the shoulder or neck

  • Swollen bursa sacs or tendons

  • Torn cartilage

  • Torn rotator cuff

Treatment & Prevention

  • Apply cold pack to reduce the inflammation and apply hot pack for a better blood circulation

  • Do some simple stretches or exercises to reduce the stiffness from the shoulder  

  • Have a good rest  

  • Gonstead chiropractic treatment & deep tissue massage (physiotherapy) 

When to see a chiropractor

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