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Michiko Liew

Dr Michiko Liew with skills honed from the Gonstead Chiropractic Society of Australia serves at Bewell Chiropractic as one of the female chiropractors.


Having all the proven results through her Gonstead chiropractic treatments for her patients over the years has given her the necessary confidence and skills to perform on all kinds of injury. As an athletic trainer and yoga instructor, she is able to relate and understand most injuries caused through sports and daily life activities. With the background of an athletic person, Dr Michiko has the strength and precision to treat injuries effectively. 

website: www.michikoliew.com

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Chun Sin Ling (DC)

Sin Ling was inspired to become a Gonstead chiropractor in order to help people achieve optimal function and live a happy healthy live by using her knowledge and skills. The precise diagnostic skills and specific technical skills of Gonstead chiropractic system has steered her into the Gonstead chiropractic profession.


Due to the enthusiasm for her profession, she dedicated herself to improve on her knowledge and skills by attending Gonstead seminars regularly. 

Apart from being a professional chiropractor, Sin Ling likes to engage in sports activities during her leisure time. Cheerleading was one of her favourite sports and she was the captain of her cheer team when she was in university. She has a keen interest in providing chiropractic care for athletes. As a Gonstead practitioner and certified kinesiology taping practitioner, she has the capability to provide care for sports injuries as well as other musculoskeletal injuries for all ages.

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Audrey Lee Ling Wei (DC)

Audrey has a way with people and that makes her a people person. She believes communication is the key to patient education.

Audrey had suffered from severe migraine every single day when she was a teenager. She was fortunate and had experienced a change in her life through the Gonstead system of chiropractic. This was when she began her beliefs in the Gonstead system.

She too, involved herself in body weight exercises for strength training and yoga for flexibility. As a dancer, she understands that the proper way of injury prevention is through sufficient muscle strength and flexibility in the joints.

To understand and master the Gonstead system in depth, she has dedicated herself to attending seminars bi-annually, at least. Her passion in chiropractic encourages her to offer a hand to people who are in pain. Audrey is committed to helping others lead healthier lives. This is her mission statement.

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Joyce Chong Kar Mun (DC)

Joyce is a believer of the body’s innate intelligence; in which the human body itself has the inborn ability to self-regulate, recover and maintain health.


Joyce is a scoliosis patient herself for many years. After many years of being told to ‘live with the pain’, she decided to look for alternative and was able to experience a relief after more than 8 years of pain through specific gonstead chiropractic. That was when she was determined to help others obtain pain relief through specific chiropractic care.


Other than providing care for others, Joyce spend most of her time in strength and power training to keep herself in top condition to better serve her patient.

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Joanne Choo Kim Hue (DC)

Joanne is a caring and friendly soul, always connecting with patients young and old. Constantly believing in the importance of a warm smile and sincerity, she donates her time volunteering at multiple charity events.


As Joanne’s mother was involved in a major car accident and as a result, in a wheelchair, she sought help from Dr Michiko, a Gonstead chiropractor. After a few sessions, her mother no longer needed the wheelchair and was able to walk without assistance. She has witnessed the miracle and power of the Gonstead system, now keen to follow in Dr Michiko’s footsteps.


Joanne is an avid learner, always attending seminars and ventured overseas to have a deeper understanding of the Gonstead system. She also has a burning passion for health, healing and nutrition. Her definition of health is the balance between mind and body and she aims to spread positivity to the community.

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Kaiden Tee Zi Kai (DC)

Kaiden is a kind hearted man, he cares and loves his patients as if they are his family. He trusts the ways of the Gonstead system with its principal precisely find out the root cause and provide specific technical adjustment to the spine in order help the patient’s condition.

Kaiden himself was suffering from back pain when he was younger, he sought different types of treatments for himself but none of them really worked. Fortunately, he met a chiropractor who eventually helped him to free from his back pain. He hope to enlighten people about the benefits of chiropractic so they do not have to go through the pain he did. Since then, he was inspired by the power of a chiropractor and decided to be a chiropractor himself.

Knowing how frustrating if could be to not able to feel normal, he pledges himself to try his best to free others from the pain he once endured. 

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Cheong Jun Ian (DC)

Ian is a compassionate and warm individual, always prioritizing a friendly approach to all patients regardless of their backgrounds. Tending to the needs of patients under his care.

To Ian, being a chiropractor is not merely just for the alleviation of a person’s pain. He is driven to educate and inspire people to become better versions of themselves, helping patients achieve their maximum potential in health, wellness and fitness. 

As the Gonstead philosophy aligned with his own of health and healing, it was natural for him to pursue this further. His determination to constantly build upon this foundation and improve to better patient outcomes knows no bounds as he is a member of the Gonstead Chiropractic Society of Australia, a Certified Kinesio Taping Technician(CKTT) and is working his way to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).