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Our Chiropractors

Michiko Liew

Dr Michiko Liew with skills honed from the Gonstead Chiropractic Society of Australia serves at Bewell Chiropractic as one of the female chiropractors.
Having all the proven results through her Gonstead chiropractic treatments for her patients over the years has given her the necessary confidence and skills to perform on all kinds of injury. As an athletic trainer and yoga instructor, she is able to relate and understand most injuries caused through sports and daily life activities. With the background of an athletic person, Dr Michiko has the strength and precision to treat injuries effectively. 


DC. Audrey Lee ACM 209


Audrey has a way with people and that makes her a people person. She believes communication is the key to patient education.

Audrey had suffered from severe migraine every single day when she was a teenager. She was fortunate and had experienced a change in her life through the Gonstead system of chiropractic. This was when she began her beliefs in the Gonstead system.

She too, involved herself in body weight exercises for strength training and yoga for flexibility. As a dancer, she understands that the proper way of injury prevention is through sufficient muscle strength and flexibility in the joints.

To understand and master the Gonstead system in depth, she has dedicated herself to attending seminars bi-annually, at least. Her passion in chiropractic encourages her to offer a hand to people who are in pain. Audrey is committed to helping others lead healthier lives. This is her mission statement.


DC Kit Wah was once a patient of chiropractic herself and have witnessed miracles happen through the hands of a Gonstead chiropractor. Since then, she's inspired to become a Gonstead chiropractor herself to help people without the use of medication and surgery.


She is extremely patient with her patients, listening and understanding their problems. Then she tries to put herself in their shoes and provide the best treatment plan for her patients.

She loves it when results are shown on her patients. From being pushed on a wheel chair to being able to stand and walk on their own. It gives her all the assurance and motivation to keep doing what she does best.

DC. Kit Wah Toh ACM 450


DC. Shereen Ker ACM 397 


DC Shereen is very approachable and sincere in nature, she will make sure that everyone feels comfortable under her care.

As a chiropractor, her mission is to educate the public about the importance of spinal health and how to optimise their overall wellbeing. She has a strong belief that with a healthy state of body and mind, comes a state of tranquility and happiness.

She enjoys treating patients from all ages with an inclined passion towards helping young adults and athletes in maintaining optimum spinal health, utilising the specific Gonstead technique.

DC. Ng Wei Liang ACM 326 


As a child, DC Ng frequently accompanied his mother to her regular Chiropractic sessions for her chronic back problems and it was there where he was exposed to the art of Chiropractic. Inspired by the meticulous nature and non-invasive approach of Chiropractic, DC Ng set his sights on becoming a Chiropractor.

DC Ng believes that one should never stop improving oneself and that is what he wants to impart upon the patients he comes in contact with. While working as a Chiropractor, he is constantly seeking to improve his skills as a healer and spends his time continuously learning new skills in order to bring further results to his patients.

It was during this period where DC Ng was exposed to the Gonstead system and has since dedicated himself to studying its intricacies in order to better serve his patients. Utilizing the Gonstead system, he wants to ensure that his patients are able to live out the best of their lives free from pain.

Joanne Choo

DC. Joanne Choo ACM 286

Joanne is a caring and friendly soul, always connecting with patients young and old. Constantly believing in the importance of a warm smile and sincerity, she donates her time volunteering at multiple charity events.


As Joanne’s mother was involved in a major car accident and as a result, in a wheelchair, she sought help from Dr Michiko, a Gonstead chiropractor. After a few sessions, her mother no longer needed the wheelchair and was able to walk without assistance. She has witnessed the miracle and power of the Gonstead system, now keen to follow in Dr Michiko’s footsteps.


Joanne is an avid learner, always attending seminars and ventured overseas to have a deeper understanding of the Gonstead system. She also has a burning passion for health, healing and nutrition. Her definition of health is the balance between mind and body and she aims to spread positivity to the community.

DC. Iris Foong ACM 336

Iris Foong

Meet Iris Foong, a dedicated chiropractor with the passion to help people of all ages. 


With a self-driven attitude of learning, she constantly seeks ways to improve herself all for the betterment of her patients' quality of life, attending various seminars in different countries. At the same time, equipping herself with the knowledge, technique, and skills of a Gonstead chiropractic practitioner.

She aims to help patients in their alleviation of pain and also their journey to become a better version of themselves. 

With her gentle touches and loveable personality, she is able to get along with patients from different backgrounds with various pains and problems. Connecting and relating with them professionally, aiding them with their concerns. 

“Wellness is more than the absence of symptoms, it is the intentional process of bettering themselves in every aspect of health” 

With a keen interest in health, Iris believes that Chiropractic care along with proper nutrition and exercise can assist patients to achieve their maximum potential in health and wellness. 

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