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Our Chiropractic Journey

It all began with a spark that ignited Dr Michiko Liew's passion for chiropractic way back during her days at IMU (International Medical University, Malaysia). After an introduction on chiropractic care, her passion grew so much. She started digging and researching more about chiropractic, then came across the Gonstead method. She found the Gonstead method so fascinating that not long after, she decided to dedicate her life towards the Gonstead method of chiropractic.


Soon after beginning her Gonstead practice, her thirst for knowledge grew immensely. She would often fly to Australia to learn from the Gonstead practitioners in Australia by providing them free assistance in their clinic in exchange for knowledge about the Gonstead method. She would then practice everything she learned on her friends and family until she perfected her craft. She would also pass on her knowledge and skills to her chiropractic friends who are interested in the Gonstead method as well.


Her friends saw how well Dr Michiko was doing, she recruited them and BeWell Chiropractic was born. We began in a very small retail lot on the 2nd floor in Sri Petaling. That's all we could afford to start out with but that did not stop us from growing. Patients after patients, days after days, months goes by, and just after one year, BeWell Chiropractic manage to move to a bigger space in Sri Petaling. We started getting more and more patients, people were happy with our services and our treatments. This proved that the Gonstead method works very well. Our patients were so happy that they went from wheelchair to walking stick to walking normally, and we are so proud of that, that we wear that pride on ourselves today.


After another year of our journey, BeWell Chiropractic managed again to expand our reach and opened a branch at Sunway. We too faced many obstacles, ups and downs, but nothing could stop us. We will always strive to grow bigger and better. We know the Gonstead method works and we want people to be aware of this alternative treatment. We soon became ambassadors for brands such as Getha, Evis Table, and many more.

On the 8th of November 2019, we are glad to announce that we've won the Best Chiropractic rehabilitation centre and the Rising Chiropractor Advocate by SEBA Awards 2019.

On the 13th of December 2019, we have won the top SME100 awards.

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